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Ds Domination Review

Ds Domination Review

Many of my friends ask me what I’m doing now, besides being retired and enjoying life. Well here’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

This story will kind of sound like the same old “what if” we hear all the time. But what if the “what if” means we can make money with:

·         No sales page

·         No squeeze page

·         No follow up

·         No driving traffic

·         No autoship

·         Over 80% retention rate

 How does DS Dominaton work?

I know you’ve heard all this before, because I certainly have. But if all this were all actually true, that would be interesting wouldn’t it? In the company I’m talking about, DS Domination, this all is actually true.

ebay dsdIn DS Domination . . .

We make money using the product. The product is training.  In this training we learn how to make money by moving items from Amazon to eBay; not physically moving but by copying and pasting stuff. It can eventually sell on eBay. Wait – you’re selling stuff!

Guess what – the only way you’re going to make money on the internet is by selling stuff. Take a look at the biggest homes in your community. They’re mostly owned by sales people.  They’re hardly ever home either ‘cause they’re always selling; real estate, mortgages, insurance, cars. You get the picture. Well you have to sell stuff in DS Domination too. But it’s the way we sell stuff that separates us from the pack.

Amazon ebaySo far I haven’t mentioned a sales page or squeeze page. There’s no calling friends, relatives or acquaintances. I don’t have to drive traffic to a non-existent squeeze or sales page. No autoship either.

But, (here it comes), there is a $19.95 a month fee for the training. And yes, you can earn money using the product. About 80% of the people in DSD are earning at least enough to pay their monthly fee; most are earning more.

How am I doing? I am making more than DSD fees each month. I’m not as successful as many, but unlike the other “schemes”, I’ve been involved with, I am making money with DSD. This is the first time in a long time I can make this claim. So, if you’re not satisfied with your present income, you need to make more money or just want to earn money on the internet, I challenge you to at least look at this opportunity. Click on the link below and register for our next webinar. The presenter is funny, entertaining and actually shows you LIVE how we make money. What have you got to lose?

Money for Christmas – and thereafter

Christmas money


Making Money online

As I’ve said in many previous stories, I’ve worked with many different companies doing many different things. This story will be about online companies.
I really thought that working on the internet was out of my life. The auto ships each month were driving me out of my mind, no less driving money out of my bank account. It was darn hard making enough money each month just to justify the auto ships!
The recruiting was hard, because I was in enough companies that my friends and relatives didn’t want much to do with me.

Several years ago I tried selling on eBay.

Sold a few things and got intrigued with drop shipping. At the time each time you listed something you had to pay a fee. I trusted myself in what I was doing so I listed a tome of products – after all you didn’t have to actually own the products. After a couple of months I quit ’cause I was spending more money than I was making. No more internet stuff for me.

So one night I watched a Webinar.

Watching webinar

Don’t know why ’cause I thought I was through with all that. Something was different about this webinar – the guy narrating seemed to be having fun and he was an absolute nut! Unlike most Webinars, this guy seemed to be talking from the heart and actually tried to talk us out of doing his thing.
I watched a couple of times and though that even though it was eBay his system might actually work. So I decided to spend a few bucks each month. The money is for training, video training and constant follow-up training each week on a webinar. I actually started to make some money!

The integrity on the part of the owners is beyond reproach.


These guys are honest and are constantly coming out with something new to help you with your selling efforts. Here’s the best part – they get nothing out of what you make on eBay. I’ll give you an example of what I mean:
The owner keeps saying that the Christmas season is the best part of the year for selling. So one of the owners has a two hour “getting prepared for Christmas” webinar. He tells us what we have to do to make money during Christmas. Never saw anything like it before. Here’s my opinion:

I know he’s also thinking that many of the people won’t do as he says and won’t make the amount of money that’s possible. So they come up with this contest. I won’t tell you what the prizes are, but they’re worth thousands of dollars. Here’s the good parts:

• The company won’t make any money out of what is sold on eBay as there’s no way for them to do so.
• In order to qualify for the contest, we have to list at least 50 products on eBay.

So what does all this mean?

Make money xmas

The company is “forcing” us to prepare for the Christmas season by listing products so we will be successful! And no extra money out of our pockets!
This is one of the many reasons I’m telling you about this company now, one other reason being there’s no down side other than you have to work. It’s an easy formula work = money.
S o you need to know how to check out this company. Each Tuesday they have a webinar given by the nut. Here’s the link, so check it out:

Easy to watch and easy to do.

This link is a sales link.  You should watch it, but register for the live Webinar and watch it first before making any decisions.

This link is a link to register for the Webinar


Gotta go get some more listings up!


Give, and it will be given to you

Selling is helping and sharing

For several months now I have been paying $49 a month for unlimited voice text and data on a nationwide 4G network.  I’d probably not even continue to read if I saw that in an email or a blog post.

That sounds like a sales pitch, but it’s a fact and the truth.

I’ve been thinking about the concept of selling over the entire past several months.  Selling is actually helping to solve a problem people may have.  One of the things I’ve learned throughout my entire marketing career has been that “sharing, not actively trying to sell, leads to more people being helped than through selling”.  You may indeed help by selling people something, but to paraphrase an old saying, “People buy; they don’t like to be sold”.

What is Selling, From Small Business: Canada

“Whatever product or service you’re selling, then, you need to focus your selling efforts on communicating the benefits of your product or service to the consumer. The benefits may be tangible or intangible, but unless the individual consumer is convinced that he or she will personally experience the benefits, your product or service won’t sell.”

In other words, make sure what you’re selling has a benefit for, or helps the consumer, or, (and this is my part), don’t attempt to sell the item or service.

By sharing, you may actually be selling, but it’s a subtle sell, not a forced sale.  It’s in most people’s nature that they love to share.  Sharing something that’s of value to their friends and family, is one of the biggest things going on now in Society.  Just take a look at Facebook and Twitter – they’re both all about sharing.

Usually if you share, you’ll get more in return than what you shared.

This passage from the Bible sums it all up in one line:

“Give, and it will be given to you. Good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, will be put into your lap. For with the measure you use it will be measured back to you.”

Luke 6:38 ESV

One of the things people are sharing big time right now, is the concept of paying less for things they use daily.  There are many things that fall into that category, but one of the things I see that people use daily is their smart phones.  I’m pretty bold and when I see someone using their smart phone, whether it be a friend, relative or a complete stranger, I usually just ask them what they’re paying for their mobile phone service.  They usually tell me ‘cause they’re either proud or distressed.  I then share a fact with them; “I’ve been paying $49 a month for unlimited voice text and data on a nationwide 4G network.  I’m paying that ‘cause I got tired of paying too much for my smart phone”.  Then I ask them that if they’d like to hear more, just give me their email address and I’ll send them a link to a video that explains more.  Most people hearing that want to hear more and they give me their email address.

I’m sharing that fact with you now!

If you’d like to see more, just click on the picture below.

39 for two months





By the way if you enroll by Oct. 31 2013 you first two months are $39!

by George Aughey

Great young Dancer

Sometimes I just look for fun stuff on the web, but this video just knocked my socks off!! This little kid has the moves, the rhythm and knows the words to the song.  And he obviously loves Elvis.  He’s funny, but he’s dancing his heart out?

What’s he gonna be like when he grows up?  He’ll have the girls hanging all over him!  ‘Cause it’s a known fact that the guys who can dance get the girls!

So, watch this video and let me know what you think.  If he funny?  I think not – he’s entertaining!!

What do you think?

Why not work from home while looking for a job?

This article is about working from home while looking for a job.  Right away you think, “Yeah but I don’t want to work with any pyramids” pops into your mind.  I used to think that way, but pyramids are illegal.  If you need money, there’s just three things to worry about when you’re doing your due diligence about a company:

  1. The company is ethical.
  2. The company sells a real product or service
  3. The product or service offers a real value

When you really think about it most companies are a pyramid, with the boss on top, some managers in the middle, with all the peons on the bottom!  So do you want the ideological perfect job, or do you want to make money helping people?

Finding or Getting a job is a hard thing to do, but not impossible.  You can put your job searching into one or more categories:

  • A job that suits me to a “T”
  • A job that kinda fits me
  • A job I would do
  • I need money give me a job

While the perfect job may be out there, and I certainly hope it is, it’s going to take a lot of leg and computer work to find that job.

On doing research for this article I Googled “looking for a job” and Google reported about 695,000,000 searches.  Hmm – where are you going to find a job in that mess? Searching for “looking for jobs in my area”, only yielded 213,000,000 searches.  Some searches actually yielded companies looking to hire.  Searching for “hiring”, gave 228,000,000 results.

072013 Working from home

So how does working from home fit in with finding a “real” job?.  Finding work is not easy and can be extremely frustrating.

When looking for a job, think of all the things you have to do to find that job:

  1. Make a resume’
  2. Find out who’s looking for people like you.
  3. Write a cover letter
  4. Send out the resume’ and cover letter
  5. Wait for an answer
  6. Call to follow up to see if anyone even read your info
  7. Call to follow up to see if anyone even read your info
  8. Call, etc.
  9. Possibly go on an interview
  10. Start at step 2 again.

At this point, most people do one of two things; they either take one or more part time jobs or far worse they  give up and try to and live on food stamps and welfare checks.

Look at the list and you’ll notice that a lot of your time is spent on the computer or on the phone.  When making money from home, you’re doing the same things!  Making money is still hard to do, even from home on your computer.

You’ll probably have to work on the computer and call people on the phone.  But you can make that fun.  Just make believe you’re sharing good news or a new movie or app with people you don’t know!

Think about it for a minute.  Finding a job or finding customers for something you’re selling takes about the same effort.

So while you’re looking for the perfect job, why not spend some of your time making some money and keeping some real self-esteem?


By George Aughey

Student Loan Legislation Halts Loan Rate Increase for One Year

Congress has come through for students anticipating (?) an interest rate increase. The legislation stopped the interest rate on federal subsidized Stafford Loans from jumping to 6.8% from 3.4% on July 1, 2012, for new college borrowers. The rate freeze is effective for one year.

Bradford Lee from Focus Point Financial provided the following:


In 2007, Congress passed the College Cost Reduction and Access Act, which reduced the interest rates on subsidized Stafford Loans gradually over the next four academic years–from 6.8%, to 6.0%, to 5.6%, to 4.5%, and finally to 3.4%–with the provision that the rate would revert to 6.8% this July 1. With the nation’s outstanding student loan debt topping $1 trillion and the rise in college costs continually in the news, Congress came under pressure to halt the expiration of the 3.4% rate.

What does the new legislation do?

Under the new legislation:

  • Rates on subsidized Stafford Loans will remain at 3.4% for undergraduates for one more school year–until July 1, 2013.
  • As of July 1, 2013, undergraduate students with a subsidized Stafford Loan will have a maximum of six years of in-school status where the federal government will pay the interest on the loans while the student is in school. (Previously, the government paid the interest for as long as it took a student to get a diploma.)

The Congressional Budget Office has estimated that this one-year interest rate freeze will cost the federal government $6 billion. It will be paid for primarily by reforms to the pension system.

What is a subsidized Stafford Loan exactly?

A Stafford Loan is a low-interest, federal loan made to undergraduate and graduate students who are attending college at least half-time. Stafford Loans come in two types–subsidized and unsubsidized.

With subsidized Stafford Loans, the federal government pays the interest that accrues on the loan while the student is in school, during any deferment periods, and for six months after graduation (hence the name “subsidized”). With unsubsidized Stafford Loans, students are responsible for paying the interest that accrues during the school year and deferment periods.

Subsidized Stafford Loans are the most popular federal education loan for student borrowers. Last year, the government estimates that approximately 7.5 million undergraduates and 1.8 million graduate students took out subsidized Stafford Loans. (As a reminder, as of July 1, 2012, graduate students will no longer be eligible for subsidized Stafford Loans.)

Subsidized Stafford Loans are based on financial need (as determined by the federal government’s financial aid application, the FAFSA); unsubsidized Stafford Loans are not. The interest rate on unsubsidized Stafford Loans is fixed at 6.8% for new borrowers.

Four tips for recovering from unemployment.

Provided by Bradford G. Lee, RIS

Any period of unemployment is fraught with stress – both personal and financial. While landing that formerly-elusive new job can be a relief, it is only the first step on the road to recovery from unemployment. This transition time is akin to breaking the surface after being underwater for several minutes. It’s a relief to be breathing again and feel the sun on your face, but it’s no time to relax. You must start swimming right away to get back to a healthy financial shore.

Here are four steps that may help to make sure your recent unemployment doesn’t cast a long shadow across your future financial health.

Continue to live lean. More likely than not, you weren’t buying $4 coffees while unemployed. Five star restaurants were out too. Hamburger may have replaced steak. You may want to continue to follow that pattern. We tend to grow into our incomes, our budgets bloating along with our salaries. Fighting that urge will help with the rest of the steps to unemployment recovery.

Protect yourself ASAP. The longer your unemployment lasts the more important basic survival becomes. Someone who is unemployed may let life insurance, disability insurance or health insurance policies lapse as they try to keep current on the mortgage, pay utilities and put groceries in the pantry. Sometime during the first few days of your employment you should enroll in whatever benefits you need that your company offers. If the new firm does not offer the coverage you need, make an appointment with an insurance professional and use part of your first paycheck to protect you and your family. Remember, the income from your new job won’t benefit anyone if a catastrophic illness, disability or death suddenly takes it away.

Develop a plan to pay down your debts. When you have a job, debts are a nuisance. When you don’t have a job, they may become a threat to your future financial well-being. While it’s normal to hope that you never have to go through unemployment again, you must start preparing for the possibility.

If you are behind on your mortgage, call your lender to let them know of your new job and to work with them on a plan to catch up on your payments. If they are unwilling to work with you, consider using a Federal resource such as those offered by the U.S. Housing and Urban Development Administration.

While there are fewer similar programs for car loans, calling your lender and trying to develop a plan for a loan you’re behind on should be your first step.

All too often during unemployment, credit cards may be used to get by when cash is low. While your interest rates may have been low when you initially signed up for the card, new legislation has caused a spike in credit card rates.1 Rates of 20% – 30% are not uncommon as banks react to new rules. Paying down these balances should also be a primary goal.

Remember to start paying yourself. Whether you call it a rainy day fund, a nest egg or emergency cash, slowly, paycheck by paycheck, begin paying yourself a fraction of your salary. Some experts will argue that a family should keep six months to one year’s worth of expenses in the bank for unexpected events such as a blown car engine, the roof caving in, or another round of unemployment.1 For many families, that may feel like an insurmountable sum. But as the old joke goes “How do you eat an elephant?” The answer: “One bite at a time”. Paying yourself has to be done paycheck-to-paycheck, little by little.


Save Money: Start Baking Your Own Bread


The cost of living is getting higher all the time and most experts don’t see most prices going down any time soon.  The price of  most of the things we purchase is usually out of our hands – we pay what they charge. There are some things we can control, though. One of these things is the price of food. Now I don’t mean buying truckloads of food to get a lower price. I just mean we can save money by doing some things on our own.

Baking your own bread at home. is one of those things.  The price of bread is running between $3. 00 and $4.00 for a loaf of a name brand bread. Not too expensive for some people, but if you’re struggling to make ends meet, or you kids eat a loaf a day, that’s expensive!

Several years ago baking your own bread involved a long drawn-out process. Now, as we all know we can get a bread machine to do it for us. But many people still don’t realize is how easy it is to bake your own bread using a bread machine.  Some people don’t  have the time to learn. Some people don’t care to learn. Using these machines is really easy. You can find all about that on the internet. The hardest part is the planning, but once you’ve got everything and tried it once or twice, it can be done in about ten minutes.By the way, I baked the bread before my wife wrested the chore away from me.

OK. so what does it cost to make the bread?

We’re talking prices here and saving money so let’s look at what it costs to make a loaf of bread:

The bread machine is the major upfront cost. Look at all those wedding gifts you got and have nevr use, and you might even find a bread machine you don’t even know you had. Barring that, you have to buy one. Online, the cost of a Breadman bread Machine is between $51.9 to $59.99 online.  The cost is probably similar at your local Target or WalMart. This particular bread maker can make up to a two pound loaf of bread. That sounds like a chunk of change, but how much did your MP3 player, (substitute any “toy” here), cost? Did you save any money in your budget with it? A bread maker can last you many years and save you a ton of money.

The next biggest expense is probably the bread flour. It costs $2.44 for a five pound bag of white bread flour at WalMart. If you like making the bread and have a place to store the flour,  it costs $7.72 for a 25 pound of bread flour at Sam’s Club.

Other things you will need:

  1. Yeast can cost about anywhere from $.75 per loaf to $.05 per loaf. Buy at least in two pound packages to save the most money.
  2. Oil, other types of flour . . . Only if you want other kinds of bread.  Add another 10 – 20 cents for oil and whatever.

My wife says most bread recipes call for 4 cups of flour, on average, of whatever kind of flour she uses for the different kinds of bread she makes.

That means she can get 5 loaves of bread from one five pound bag of flour, (if she makes French or white bread), or 125 loaves of bread or more out of a 25 pound of flour. So at five loaves per five pound bag that’s about .50 for flour. If we include the price of  the bread machine for a year, at about $1.00 per week, that’s about:

  • $1.85 for one loaf a week
  • $1.35 per loaf for two loaves a week
  • After a year the bread costs on average about $.50 per loaf

Are there any other benefits?

There are definitely some additional benefits of baking your own bread, which are probably better than saving the omoney:

  • Fresh bread all the time
  • No preservatives
  • Make many different kinds of bread

The Bottom Line

So here’s the question: do you want to save money baking your own bread and get the other benefits above? That’s your choice, but it sure makes sense for us.


Whose Fault was it – Really

So – wonder who caused Freddie & Fannie to fail?  The media and Dems say it was those Wascally Wepublians – or not?


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