Who are George and Mary Aughey?

The team of George and Mary Aughey make up Equity Benefits, LLC.  George is the Marketing and talking part of the Dynamic Duo, with Mary taking care of the managing the office, running the different Analysis, appointment setting and tracking part, behind the scenes.  In other words, she keeps George on track and does the real work.  We have over 14 years experience working together in Direct Marketing Financial Service companies, selling, attracting and recruiting people.

About this blog

What this blog is about is first and foremost, our opinions about helping people with saving money, paying off debt , creating wealth and other things not so traditional.
Saving money these days is a big deal.  Most of the big retailers are down in sales, except those like WalMart.
The reasons are simple; people either don’t have the discretionary income they had a while ago or they’re not willing to spend their money.
In this post, we just wanted to give you an idea of what the postings here will be about.  Maybe not frequent, but for the most part, extremely short.

And most importantly, different ways of helping people with things financial.



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