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Give, and it will be given to you

Selling is helping and sharing

For several months now I have been paying $49 a month for unlimited voice text and data on a nationwide 4G network.  I’d probably not even continue to read if I saw that in an email or a blog post.

That sounds like a sales pitch, but it’s a fact and the truth.

I’ve been thinking about the concept of selling over the entire past several months.  Selling is actually helping to solve a problem people may have.  One of the things I’ve learned throughout my entire marketing career has been that “sharing, not actively trying to sell, leads to more people being helped than through selling”.  You may indeed help by selling people something, but to paraphrase an old saying, “People buy; they don’t like to be sold”.

What is Selling, From Small Business: Canada

“Whatever product or service you’re selling, then, you need to focus your selling efforts on communicating the benefits of your product or service to the consumer. The benefits may be tangible or intangible, but unless the individual consumer is convinced that he or she will personally experience the benefits, your product or service won’t sell.”

In other words, make sure what you’re selling has a benefit for, or helps the consumer, or, (and this is my part), don’t attempt to sell the item or service.

By sharing, you may actually be selling, but it’s a subtle sell, not a forced sale.  It’s in most people’s nature that they love to share.  Sharing something that’s of value to their friends and family, is one of the biggest things going on now in Society.  Just take a look at Facebook and Twitter – they’re both all about sharing.

Usually if you share, you’ll get more in return than what you shared.

This passage from the Bible sums it all up in one line:

“Give, and it will be given to you. Good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, will be put into your lap. For with the measure you use it will be measured back to you.”

Luke 6:38 ESV

One of the things people are sharing big time right now, is the concept of paying less for things they use daily.  There are many things that fall into that category, but one of the things I see that people use daily is their smart phones.  I’m pretty bold and when I see someone using their smart phone, whether it be a friend, relative or a complete stranger, I usually just ask them what they’re paying for their mobile phone service.  They usually tell me ‘cause they’re either proud or distressed.  I then share a fact with them; “I’ve been paying $49 a month for unlimited voice text and data on a nationwide 4G network.  I’m paying that ‘cause I got tired of paying too much for my smart phone”.  Then I ask them that if they’d like to hear more, just give me their email address and I’ll send them a link to a video that explains more.  Most people hearing that want to hear more and they give me their email address.

I’m sharing that fact with you now!

If you’d like to see more, just click on the picture below.

39 for two months





By the way if you enroll by Oct. 31 2013 you first two months are $39!

by George Aughey

Can You Really Afford a Timeshare?

102313 Timeshare pic






Timeshares seem like a good thing – expecially at the time you listen to their pitch.  Free Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner, if you listen to a short presentation.  And I have to admit, it did sound good at the time. But what’s the real cost of a timeshare?

My Wife and I fell prey to a timeshare when we were on our honeymoon.  We didn’t have the full amount to purchase it, so they gave us some really good terms. It sounded great – until it came time for the monthly payments. We had to pay the maintenance fee if we used it or not! And the maintenance fees kept going up in price.

Can you really afford one? Check out the rest story of the real cost of a timeshare, by Cyrille L, then see what you think.

The Real Cost of Owning a Timeshare


by George Aughey


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