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Why not work from home while looking for a job?

This article is about working from home while looking for a job.  Right away you think, “Yeah but I don’t want to work with any pyramids” pops into your mind.  I used to think that way, but pyramids are illegal.  If you need money, there’s just three things to worry about when you’re doing your due diligence about a company:

  1. The company is ethical.
  2. The company sells a real product or service
  3. The product or service offers a real value

When you really think about it most companies are a pyramid, with the boss on top, some managers in the middle, with all the peons on the bottom!  So do you want the ideological perfect job, or do you want to make money helping people?

Finding or Getting a job is a hard thing to do, but not impossible.  You can put your job searching into one or more categories:

  • A job that suits me to a “T”
  • A job that kinda fits me
  • A job I would do
  • I need money give me a job

While the perfect job may be out there, and I certainly hope it is, it’s going to take a lot of leg and computer work to find that job.

On doing research for this article I Googled “looking for a job” and Google reported about 695,000,000 searches.  Hmm – where are you going to find a job in that mess? Searching for “looking for jobs in my area”, only yielded 213,000,000 searches.  Some searches actually yielded companies looking to hire.  Searching for “hiring”, gave 228,000,000 results.

072013 Working from home

So how does working from home fit in with finding a “real” job?.  Finding work is not easy and can be extremely frustrating.

When looking for a job, think of all the things you have to do to find that job:

  1. Make a resume’
  2. Find out who’s looking for people like you.
  3. Write a cover letter
  4. Send out the resume’ and cover letter
  5. Wait for an answer
  6. Call to follow up to see if anyone even read your info
  7. Call to follow up to see if anyone even read your info
  8. Call, etc.
  9. Possibly go on an interview
  10. Start at step 2 again.

At this point, most people do one of two things; they either take one or more part time jobs or far worse they  give up and try to and live on food stamps and welfare checks.

Look at the list and you’ll notice that a lot of your time is spent on the computer or on the phone.  When making money from home, you’re doing the same things!  Making money is still hard to do, even from home on your computer.

You’ll probably have to work on the computer and call people on the phone.  But you can make that fun.  Just make believe you’re sharing good news or a new movie or app with people you don’t know!

Think about it for a minute.  Finding a job or finding customers for something you’re selling takes about the same effort.

So while you’re looking for the perfect job, why not spend some of your time making some money and keeping some real self-esteem?


By George Aughey

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