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So – What Business Got Better

The government just got finished with a bailout for a whole bunch (a technical term) of big banks and car companies. They gave them hundreds of billions of dollars, (a whole bunch), so they could become solvent and start lending money and selling cars again.

Now they’re back and asking fora whole bunch more money. And from what’s in the media none of them are solvent yet and it looks like they could still file for bankruptcy. I can’t see where any of them got better.

I do know one thing though, it was all done “For the children“. And for their children and probably their children after that. At least the taxes they’ll pay, to pay back the all the “money out of nowhere”, the government spent.

That’s our Change, and we Hope there’ s a way other than taxes on the back of our children, to pay for it all.

As the title asks and I’ll ask again, “What business got better”, that we spent hundreds of billions on?


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