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Whose Fault was it – Really

So – wonder who caused Freddie & Fannie to fail?  The media and Dems say it was those Wascally Wepublians – or not?

A Valentine’s Day We Can Afford

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Don’t get me wrong. I love Valentine’s Day. I always get my Spouse a card and a gift on Valentine’s Day. When our Daughters were younger I did the same for them. But when I’d go to the card store, whether it be Hallmark, Target or Walmart, the cards were unreal in price! But, I’d grin and bear it ’cause I love my Spouse and She deserves it.

But there came a time, when like so many people, I couldn’t afford the $4.95 to $7.95 for a card. It’s only a card! I’m not buying stock in the company! But I still wanted to get a card. So I went to the old places, but they still had even higher prices.

A few years ago I had the occasion one day to stop in a thrift store – one of those run by a Charitable Organization. I discovered that I could buy jeans for my Spouse for $1.00 to about $3.00. Some of these jeans were brand new and some were “gently used”. Couldn’t buy much for me – they didn’t have XX-XXX stuff (at the time). but I bought them for the Spouse, ’cause she worked in an environment where they got ruined rather quickly.

While there, just for grins, I asked if they had greeting cards. The Lady said no, but sent me to a nearby Dollar Store.

I hit the jackpot!! Maybe last year’s greeting cards for $1.00! Most of them look as good as what you can find elsewhere. And if you don’t like them you can still go to the other places. Now I go there for all occasions, and on Holidays, they even have cards at 2/$1.00. Cheap? Maybe – but I prefer to say I’m “sticking it to the Man!”.

Just as an aside, my Spouse doesn’t like me to spend a lot of money on her for Valentine’s day. When we first got married, I gave her rather expensive gifts. I could see she didn’t like the expensive gifts, so one year I gave her a little bear I bought for $1.00. She loved that thing, and put it on her shelf, and shows it to everyone.  That was about 14 years ago and the tradition still goes on. She has 14 bears now, and she still shows them to everyone.



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