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Stream Trout Fishing

One of my favorite sports is stream trout fishing. I’ll give you a little background about my experience trout fishing. I used to live in New in Jersey, where I diid most of my trout fishing. And most of it was done with my friend Art. NJ stocked a lot of trout in the Spring as did Pennslyvania and New York. So I guess you could say we fished a lot for stocked trout. But we also fished year round so a lot of the fish we caught may or may not have been for that year’s stocked fish.

Art and I caught a lot of fish. We didn’t keep but what the limit allowed, but we caught a lot of fish. We also mostly fished with bait, usually nightcrawlers and salmon egg depending on the time of the year. In the Spring we used a lot of salmon eggs, the rest of the year it was nightcrawlers.

Our tackle of choice was ultra-light spinning rods and reels, Fly rods were OK, but we caught a ton more fish with spinning tackle. Again, Art and I caught a lot of trout. What’s a lot? Anywhere from 22 to 54 trout a day. One day we caught 103 when our friend Fred was with us. Of course there were many days when we caught nothing or maybe one or two.

This background is so you get the idea that I’m not just some yahoo spouting off about trout fishing, that only read ablut it in a book. (I may be a yahoo, but of a different kind)

Here’s a story I did about how to catch Golden trout.

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  1. Melanie Long says:

    Fishing is a nice sport and it is a good past time too. I enjoy fishing specially during weekends.”:,

  2. fishing is an enjoyable hobby and a great past time.’`*

  3. there are many hobbies out there but there is no other hobby like fishing, fishing is every enjoyable ,,;

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