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Stream Trout Fishing

One of my favorite sports is stream trout fishing. I’ll give you a little background about my experience trout fishing. I used to live in New in Jersey, where I diid most of my trout fishing. And most of it was done with my friend Art. NJ stocked a lot of trout in the Spring as did Pennslyvania and New York. So I guess you could say we fished a lot for stocked trout. But we also fished year round so a lot of the fish we caught may or may not have been for that year’s stocked fish.

Art and I caught a lot of fish. We didn’t keep but what the limit allowed, but we caught a lot of fish. We also mostly fished with bait, usually nightcrawlers and salmon egg depending on the time of the year. In the Spring we used a lot of salmon eggs, the rest of the year it was nightcrawlers.

Our tackle of choice was ultra-light spinning rods and reels, Fly rods were OK, but we caught a ton more fish with spinning tackle. Again, Art and I caught a lot of trout. What’s a lot? Anywhere from 22 to 54 trout a day. One day we caught 103 when our friend Fred was with us. Of course there were many days when we caught nothing or maybe one or two.

This background is so you get the idea that I’m not just some yahoo spouting off about trout fishing, that only read ablut it in a book. (I may be a yahoo, but of a different kind)

Here’s a story I did about how to catch Golden trout.

How to catch Golden Trout

Fishing for Golden or Palomino trout is as easy or hard as fishing for Rainbow trout – with one difference, you may be able to see them a lot easier. That doesn’t mean they’re easier to catch though.  After all the Golden trout is really a Golden Rainbow trout. But if you can catch Rainbows, you can catch “Goldens”. I lived in New Jersey for many years and both New Jersey and Pennsylvania stocked Goldens/Palominos every Spring for a while. The best bait? In the spring it was Salmon eggs by far. Mike’s Lucky 7 was the brand I used.  I just did a search on Mike’s and found that they have salmon eggs in all different colors and flavors! I just used the orange ones.

The rod was a four foot ultra-light glass. The reel was an ultra-light spinning reel with four pound test.  I used one to four split shot ten to twelve inches up from the hook, depending on the current. Goldens are found usually in the head or tail of a pool or in the rapids. Cast your line upstream of where Goldens might be.  Here’s the parts that will differ from any other instructions you may encounter:

  • Hold your rod tip up high
  • Hold the line in the crook of your index finger – you need to be able to detect the slightest “tick” from your line. No matter how big the fish is, they only give you a “tick”!
    • It takes a while but you’ll soon be able to detect the “tick”
  • When you feel the bite, lift your rod up high

You’ve probably hooked your first Golden, or even a regular Rainbow !

The rest of the year a half of a nightcrawler did the trick. If use a nightcrawler though, you have to let them chew on it a little longer or you’ll pull it out of their mouth.

This might sound like old advice from an old guy, because it is.  One more thing to address. I fished for stocked trout every Spring. but I also fished throughout the entire year, and we actually caught some Goldens most of the year. Stocked fish or not, Goldens are fun and this works.


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