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The True Spirit of Christmas

Don’t worry – the true spirit of Christmas lives on!!  We had a huge apartment complex fire here in Minnesota a few days ago.  Thank God that not one person was even injured!  Even all their pets survived!  The thing is, though, every apartment burned down.  Everyone living there was now homeless.  it being the Christmas season,  all their Christmas trees and presents were also burned.  They only had the clothing on their backs.

The Red Cross and the Salvation Army, (my personsl favorite), pitched in and gave them all clothing and shelter.

Here’s the best part, in three flavors:

  1. They had so many donations of toys, clothing in two days, etc., the apartment dwellers asked people to stop the donations ’cause they didn’t know what to do with them!
  2. An anonymous donor gave One Million dollars to the displaced dwellers –  each of the renters got a check yesterday or today for over &17,000.
  3. This is also unbelievable – the building owners gave them all their December rent and their their cleaning deposit.  This is one evil owner who accepted their responsibility and stepped up to the plate – without being asked.

Maybe this would have happened anyway.  but I think that this is the true spirit of Christmas.


More about Sam’s Club

At this time of the year, saving is a big topic on people’s minds.  One of the things I’ve found out is that Sam’s Club has a lot of closeouts and out of stocks that they don’t advertise.  You can find out what they are though:

Just look the price of something, and if it end in 1 cent, this is the last of the item either for now or the season or forever.  Example:

$28.81 or $1798.81

Hope that helps.


Merry Christmas – Liberally Incorrect

This is a time in our country where one is almost afraid to say “Merry Christmas” for fear of offending someone.  It is called “politically incorrect” to utter such words in public.

Political has to do with politics – all of politics, all political parties.  However, the term “politically incorrect” seems to only fit in situations where someone is offended, mostly liberals.  So maybe the term should be “Liberally Incorrect”!

Christmas has been around for a lot longer than the recent politicians. Over 2000 years as a matter of fact.  It seems that we shouldn’t be saying “Merry Christmas”, though even though that is the holiday

“Happy Holidays” seems to be the right greeting now.  What holiday are we celebrating?  CHRISTMAS.


Those are the right words – Get over it   Are you offended?  You know what – I don’t care!!!  I’M OFFENDED that people will stop me from saying “Merry Christmas”.  The US Constitution guarantees me the right to say those words.



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