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Saving money eating

No its not about eating to save money.  Its about where do you go to eat to save money.  I heard on the news the other day McDonalds profits were up. Its no wonder – a lot of people eat there.  The best place to eat though, to save money, is: (it’s a big secret) HOME.

I was at McDonalds the other day.  I personally don’t eat there, but I really like their coffee, and if I’m going to meet somebody that’s where I go.  They also have Wi-Fi.  I looked at the meal prices and they didn’t look too bad.  They ran from$4.48 – $5.89.  Now I expect these prices are representative of most fast(?) food places.  The average price then was about $5.00 per mea.  You can also super-size.  More fries and soda pop.  I’m ot going to talk about that now.

Well the average family has two – three kids and two adults.  Now that’s about $20 – $25 for a meal!  Once in a while I guess that’s OK.  But from what I’m observing and hearing people do this two – three times a week.  Hmmm – $40 to $75 to eat out each week?

Now, what you could do with just $40 shopping for food for home?  As Sam’s Club you can get get a whole pork loin – no fat & no bones – for around $25.  That’s about eight pounds of meat.  How many meals could you get out of that for 4- 5 people?

Potatoes are $1.99 for five pounds at Aldi foods. Cans of vegetables are 79 cents to 1.45.  Figure it out.  Now I realize people are busy – but not 2-3 nights a week.  Lazy, OK.  Broke, OK.  But not busy.  And guess what – leftovers really cut down the price of the food.  Not to say the price of the gas to cook the food if you microwave it.

Put a little more eating at home in your budget and see how much farther the money goes.  In today’s ecomomy you may be forced to do a little more of that anyway.  Try it – you might like saving.

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  1. Ron Nevers says:

    You can do pretty well with the “dollar” menus and “value” items in many food places today.

    All the best.

  2. admin says:

    Agreed. However from what I’m seeing, most people won’t go for them. They need the fat calories!!

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