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Keeping our money

According to the media everything today is all about money – or the lack of it.  People spend much, much more that they should.  All around us people are telling us that we “need this”.  Billboards show us what we need on the highways. TV shows us in 90 – 120 second clips three to four times an hour what we really need.  Ads are on the radio, on our telephones, on the internet.  What chance do we have?
And what sort of education about money do we have as kids?  Nothing in high school.  Barely anything in college.
Nothing about the responsibility of keeping or saving our money.
Just how do we do that?

Please respond and help people.

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  1. Jack Simmons says:

    Absolutely right on. The American people are financially illiterate. Ours is a consumer society. We need to start teaching our youth how to handle money.

  2. admin says:

    Man, last night I saw in TV that the “Black Friday” spending for this year is probably 3% over the same day last year. Where are the people getting the money? Credit card DEBT, DEBT, DEBT!!

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