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A Real Money Saver – Sam’s Club

We have several Sam’s Club and Costco stores near us.  Whether you like one store or the other is up to you.  I think they complement each other, because when one store doesn’t have something the other will usually have it.  But on the main items that each has, Sam’s club has a policy of pricing two – three percent below Costco.  That doesn’t seem like much, but in today’s economy, that can be quite a lot of money fot families and small businesses.


Saving money eating

No its not about eating to save money.  Its about where do you go to eat to save money.  I heard on the news the other day McDonalds profits were up. Its no wonder – a lot of people eat there.  The best place to eat though, to save money, is: (it’s a big secret) HOME.

I was at McDonalds the other day.  I personally don’t eat there, but I really like their coffee, and if I’m going to meet somebody that’s where I go.  They also have Wi-Fi.  I looked at the meal prices and they didn’t look too bad.  They ran from$4.48 – $5.89.  Now I expect these prices are representative of most fast(?) food places.  The average price then was about $5.00 per mea.  You can also super-size.  More fries and soda pop.  I’m ot going to talk about that now.

Well the average family has two – three kids and two adults.  Now that’s about $20 – $25 for a meal!  Once in a while I guess that’s OK.  But from what I’m observing and hearing people do this two – three times a week.  Hmmm – $40 to $75 to eat out each week?

Now, what you could do with just $40 shopping for food for home?  As Sam’s Club you can get get a whole pork loin – no fat & no bones – for around $25.  That’s about eight pounds of meat.  How many meals could you get out of that for 4- 5 people?

Potatoes are $1.99 for five pounds at Aldi foods. Cans of vegetables are 79 cents to 1.45.  Figure it out.  Now I realize people are busy – but not 2-3 nights a week.  Lazy, OK.  Broke, OK.  But not busy.  And guess what – leftovers really cut down the price of the food.  Not to say the price of the gas to cook the food if you microwave it.

Put a little more eating at home in your budget and see how much farther the money goes.  In today’s ecomomy you may be forced to do a little more of that anyway.  Try it – you might like saving.

Keeping our money

According to the media everything today is all about money – or the lack of it.  People spend much, much more that they should.  All around us people are telling us that we “need this”.  Billboards show us what we need on the highways. TV shows us in 90 – 120 second clips three to four times an hour what we really need.  Ads are on the radio, on our telephones, on the internet.  What chance do we have?
And what sort of education about money do we have as kids?  Nothing in high school.  Barely anything in college.
Nothing about the responsibility of keeping or saving our money.
Just how do we do that?

Please respond and help people.


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